Jorge Paulo Lemann Says “Era of Disruption” Surprised 3G Capital

At this year’s Milken Institute Global Conference, 3G Capital co-founder Jorge Paulo Lemann described himself as a “terrified dinosaur” with respect to the “craft brand-driven changes in tastes and in Amazon-driven consumer spending habits that are reshaping the world’s largest consumer companies, including 3G holdings.” This according to an article in Forbes. Lemann and four partners founded 3G Capital in 2004 while consolidating the Latin American and European beer industry, the article reports, acquiring Budweiser… Read More

Buffett and 3G Capital Might Like These Picks

 While the private-equity firm 3G Capital and Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway have teamed up on a few headline deals (such as the acquisition of H.J. Heinz and the subsequent merger of Heinz and Kraft), their investment portfolios look a little different, writes Validea CEO John Reese in a recent article for The Globe and Mail. The Berkshire portfolio is weighted heavily in stocks of consumer goods and companies (including a big bet on Apple), while 3G’s… Read More