Oakmark’s Nygren: Selloff Reminiscent of Older Bear Markets

In a recent interview with CNBC, Oakmark’s Bill Nygren discusses the recent market selloff and identifies areas of opportunity for investors. Nygren notes that the recent market selloff related to the coronavirus pandemic bears more of a resemblance to the bear markets of the late 1980s and the internet bubble of the early 2000s than it does to the financial crisis of 2008-2009. He adds, “It’s hard to argue that the S&P 500 is undervalued… Read More

Oakmark’s Bill Nygren Says Google and Netflix are Value Stocks

A recent Barron’s article shares insights from an interview with the Oakmark Select fund manager and value investor Bill Nygren regarding “the perils of value investing.” Here are highlights from the interview: Nygren attributed his longevity (36 years at Oakmark) to learning the importance of sharing his investment philosophy with colleagues. He explained that his training was based “strongly in business valuation, where you try to identify what a business is worth, and you think… Read More

Bill Nygren Talks Value Investing at Google

In January, Oakmark Funds’ Bill Nygren gave a talk at Google on various aspects of value investing, the path of his career, and how the tech industry has evolved over time. The hour-long interview takes many twists and turns, beginning with how Nygren first got interested in stocks. As a child, he says, he “liked numbers more than words” and took up baseball because he was fascinated with statistics. In the newspaper, Nygren recalls, the… Read More

Oakmark’s Bill Nygren Talks Value

“Value is relative to something else,” says Bill Nygren when asked where to find it in today’s market. Manager of the Oakmark Select Fund since 1996, Nygren offers his perspective in a recent interview with Investment News. “In a period when you have short-term investments such as Treasuries with zero risk that pay zero, an average-risk equity that’s paying more than 2% a year in dividends and growing earnings 5% to 6% a year…. that’s… Read More

Bill Nygren on Value Investing, the Attractiveness of Financials, and Learnings from Different Perspectives

Noted mutual fund manager Bill Nygren of the Oakmark Select fund thinks that long term equity investors can “expect a mid- to upper-single digit minimum return in the market” looking ahead, but notes that tilting one’s portfolio to large cap financials (Citigroup, Bank of American and JP Morgan are all in Nygren’s top 10 holdings) could help produce better returns than the market. Banks, Nygren believes, will benefit once interest rates increase. As rates rise, deposit… Read More

Nygren: Relax, and Rebalance

Much of the speculation about the reason for the market’s recent plunge has been that investors are downright scared about China’s slowing growth. But top mutual fund manager Bill Nygren says the sort of correction we’ve seen recently is simply a part of life when you are investing in stocks. And from a long-term investing perspective, he does not think China’s slowdown will have as big an impact as many believe. “I think sometimes we… Read More