Housel Lists Factors That Can Kill Competitive Advantage

More than 40% of all public companies go on to lose effectively all their value,” writes Morgan Housel in a recent article for the Collaborative Fund. Housel uses the example of Sears, a dominant player in retail in the early 80’s that even expanded confidently into the banking business. “Its catalog was the Amazon of its day,” he writes, adding, “Then everything fell apart.” Housel outlines the following factors that can destroy competitive edge: Knowing… Read More

Housel on Competitive Advantage

Morgan Housel recently joined Collaborative Fund, a New York-based venture capital firm established in2010. In a blog posted earlier this month, he shares his insights on the importance of competitive advantage in business and offers five characteristics to ensure its sustainability: The ability to learn faster than your competition: “The world is filled with smart people,” writes Housel, who “tend to cling to what they learn, even while the world around them constantly changes.” He… Read More

Stocks with a Durable Competitive Advantage

A mainstay of Warren Buffett’s investment philosophy is his belief that the strongest companies possess a keen competitive edge against their peers. He looks for businesses that perform consistently, regardless of outside forces, boast brand recognition, and/or provide goods and services people use on a daily basis. In an article for The Globe and Mail, Validea CEO John Reese offers four stock picks that score highly based on their competitive strengths. Apple Inc. (AAPL): The… Read More