Computer Models Won’t Outperform Market Any Time Soon

Although the quest to beat the market with computer models has “absorbed the talents of some of the brightest graduates of math and computer science programs,” a recent article in Bloomberg argues that it isn’t likely that a computerized stock picker will outsmart the market. The article outlines some of the “devilish problems financial engineers are trying to crack:” The data keeps changing: In the financial markets, the article says, “‘data can change dramatically and… Read More

Buying a House, the Wall Street Way

An article in The Wall Street Journal describes how institutional investors are using computer algorithms to purchase large numbers of rental properties. Specifically, it explains how one data scientist, Martin Kay, used the strategy to create Entera Technology. The article reports that Mr. Kay began buying rental properties in Texas in 2010, using machine learning to cull out listings that might attract appealing tenants: “For Mr. Kay and like-minded investors, that typically meant families seeking… Read More