The Last 800 Years of Data Show No Bottom Yet

A recent Barron’s article discusses the current market downturn within the context of historical data going back to the 13th century—which shows there is “ample precedent for the current crisis.” “Many of the biggest economic contractions came during pandemics, with the Black Death of 1349 resulting in a 23.5% decline in England’s economy, the second worst on record,” the article reports, after the 25.4% in 1629 when King Charles I dissolved Parliament. In U.S. history,… Read More

Economist Says U.S. Recession Possible in 12 Months

David Rosenberg, chief economist and strategist at Gluskin Sheff & Associates Inc., said that January’s high in the S&P 500 “will prove to be the peak of the bull market and the U.S. recession may start in the next 12 months.” This according to a recent article in Financial Advisor. Rosenberg, who the article reports was one of the first economists to warn of the Great Recession, spoke last month at the Inside ETFs Canada… Read More

Veteran Economist Suggests Trump Rally Caution

Contrarian economist David Rosenberg, chief economist and strategist at Toronto-based Gluskin Sheff & Associates, offers market insights in a recent interview with Barron’s. Here are some highlights: View on U.S. economy: “We’re going to average close to 2% real GDP growth this year, well below consensus.” Rosenberg doesn’t think the economy will “break out to the upside,” saying that there will be offsets to proposed tax relief, deregulation and capital repatriation including potential trade tariffs… Read More

Rosenberg: Inflation Is Coming

Once a major worry amid the Federal Reserve’s massive quantitative easing program, inflation seems to have taken a back seat in investors’ minds. But top economist David Rosenberg says not to forget about it.

Rosenberg Talks Tapering, Inflation

Gluskin Sheff’s David Rosenberg thinks stocks will be stuck in a trading range for the next several months, and sees inflation on the horizon. Rosenberg tells Yahoo! Finance’s Breakout that if the Federal Reserve does begin to taper its asset-purchasing plans in September as he expects, the chance for multiple expansion will be very small, which, combined with near-zero earnings growth, means little in the way of market gains. He also thinks bonds are oversold… Read More

Rosenberg: U.S. Now On “Terra Firma”

Gluskin Sheff Chief Economist & Strategist David Rosenberg says that a “firmer floor” has developed under the U.S. economy, and he doesn’t see recession coming anytime soon. “I don’t see the prospect of a recession,” Rosenberg tells Yahoo!Finance’s Daily Ticker, saying that the major risks of a fiscal shock or monetary shock have passed for the U.S. “My new theme is escape velocity, no, but terra firma, yes. There’s a firmer floor under the U.S.… Read More