Tepper: Bullish Argument Is “Overwhelming”

Hedge fund guru David Tepper of Appaloosa Management says he sees an “overwhelming” case for stocks right now. “I’m definitely bullish,” Tepper tells CNBC “It’s so overwhelming”. He cites the improving economy and housing market and easing policies by central banks around the world as reasons. He also says that fears about the Federal Reserve “tapering” its easing policies are misguided. He says that the federal deficit is “shrinking massively”, and over the next six… Read More

Tepper Likes U.S., High on Semiconductors

In a wide-ranging interview on CNBC, hedge fund guru David Tepper offered his take on the market and particular sectors, industries, and asset classes. Tepper says the U.S. stock market looks good right now, and he’s high on semiconductor stocks and likes several financials. Tepper says that “so much uncertainty has been alleviated”, and also says currencies and gold are “tough” areas to invest right now.  

Top Hedge Fund Manager Talks Strategy

David Tepper, president & founder of Appaloosa Management, has produced exceptional long-term returns as a hedge fund manager. In this interview with CNBC, he talks about why he got bullish on banks in early 2009 — with great success — and why Federal Reserve policy and other factors have him adding to his stock portfolios.