Excess Returns, Ep. 30: The Pros and Cons of Quantitative and Discretionary Investing

We all have a tendency to believe that the way we invest is the best way. As quantitative investors, we can sometimes feel that there is no reason anyone should ever use a discretionary strategy. But like most issues in investing, there are two sides to this argument. In this episode, we talk about the benefits of both quantitative and discretionary investing. We discuss: Why quantitative strategies can limit the impact of emotion and biases… Read More

Human vs. Quant Investing

The Human vs. The Quant

By Jack Forehand, CFA I have always thought I am a better discretionary investor than I am. I think I can predict where the market is headed. I think I know which investing styles will work best going forward. When I look back at the current crisis, I am pretty convinced that I saw it coming and that I could have sold at the top and then bought back at the bottom. Of course, none… Read More