Global Growth Accelerating: Reasons and Risks

In a recent WealthTrack interview with Consuelo Mack, Evercore founder and top-ranked economist Ed Hyman and First Eagle’s Matthew McClennan share insights regarding the current level of global economic growth ten years into the post-financial crisis recovery. Hyman, U.S. small business optimism is surging, with Germany, Japan and China experiencing significant and accelerating growth. McClennan says, in large part, this is due to unusually stimulative monetary policy, noting that the ECB is not raising rates… Read More

Top Economist Ed Hyman Says Recession is a Long Way Off

Advisor Perspectives reports on Ed Hyman’s presentation at the 2016 MIT Sloan Investment Conference, where he said that despite signs of weakness, the next U.S. recession is probably five or six years away. Hyman, head of Evercore’s economic research team, “has been rated the #1 economist on Wall Street for the past 35 years” in the Institutional Investor poll of investors. As reported in Advisor Perspectives, he said that historical analysis “shows that recessions usually… Read More

Hyman & Miller on What They're Watching In 2014

In a joint interview with Consuelo Mack on WealthTrack, legendary fund manager Bill Miller and top analyst Ed Hyman recently discussed their outlooks for 2014. Both sounded optimistic, with Hyman saying the biggest surprise he sees happening is that it will be another strong year for stocks. He’s particularly bullish on Japanese and US equities, and firms that will benefit from a synchronized global expansion, like Citigroup. One area he’s not keen on, though, is… Read More

Hyman, Stattman On What To Expect In 2013

Two top strategists — ISI Group’s Ed Hyman (who has long been ranked Wall Street’s top analyst) and Blackrock fund manager Dennis Stattman — are sounding somewhat bullish on stocks heading into 2013. Hyman tells WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack that a slowly improving economy, low interest rate environment, and incredibly stimulative global monetary policy landscape are all creating a bullish picture for stocks. He sees risks, including the coming debt ceiling debate, but he thinks stocks… Read More

Top Forecasters See “Green Shoots”

Top economic forecasting firm International Strategy & Investment Group says it is seeing signs that the U.S. economy is performing better than many have believed. “There are signs, or ‘green shoots,’ as International Strategy & Investment Group’s economists Ed Hyman and Nancy Lazar call them, that when taken together suggest the economy is improving at a faster rate than previously imagined,” writes Barron’s Sandra Ward. “The ISI folks point to gains in nine closely watched… Read More

Top Strategists See Slow Growth, Strong Profits for U.S. Firms

ISI Group’s Ed Hyman, who has been one of the top-ranked economists on Wall Street for years, says he doesn’t see a new recession hitting the U.S. “The economy has definitely slowed down globally, both developed and emerging. There is probably a 30% chance of recession in the U.S.,” Hyman says in an interview with Barron’s. “But … slow growth is more likely than a downturn, particularly in the U.S. The risk in Europe of… Read More

Two Top Strategists Cautious on Economy, Bullish on Stocks

In the latest edition of Consuelo Mack’s WealthTrack, two top strategists — Blackrock Global Allocation Fund’s Dennis Stattman and ISI Group’s Ed Hyman — offered their takes on the economy and stock market. Both Stattman and Hyman say they have significant concerns about the U.S. economy, but both are bullish on stocks. Stattman, whose fund has a strong long-term track record, says U.S. stocks are “quite reasonably priced”, and says that for the first time… Read More

Trahan, Hyman on What to Expect in 2010

In a new interview with WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack, ISI Group’s Francois Trahan and Ed Hyman — two of the top-rated strategists in their fields — offer their takes on where the market and economy will head in 2010. Trahan, ISI’s chief investment strategist and Institutional Investor magazine’s 2008 top-ranked investment strategist, told Mack that he thinks 2010 will involve a shift from a broad market rally to a stock-picker’s market. “I think it’s going to… Read More