Is GARP Investing Still Golden?

An article in CFA Institute discusses the methodology and performance of growth-at-a-reasonable-price (GARP) investing, a style popularized by Fidelity manager Peter Lynch. “Most investors,” the article says, “are inclined toward value, a preference backed by ample academic research.” But some try to bridge the value/growth gap through a hybrid, GARP strategy. It describes the methodology and an analysis of GARP stocks with respect to earnings growth and valuation: The article also offers a breakdown of… Read More

Guru Stock Screen of the Week: Finding Small Caps with the Lynch GARP Approach

This week, we bring you the Stock Screen of the week from Validea. On, you can screen for stocks using the site’s Guru Stock Screener, which scores stocks based on the fundamental stock selection criteria of legendary investors. The firm’s models are based on investing legends such as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham, Kenneth Fisher, Martin Zweig, David Dreman, Joel Greenblatt and others. This week’s screen is based on Validea’s Peter Lynch-based strategy, which… Read More