Financial Stocks to Consider (While We’re Waiting for the Fed)

The financial markets have more or less stabilized in the wake of Brexit, but we seem to be in a holding pattern while the Fed ponders a rates shift. In a recent Forbes article, John Reese, CEO of Validea, speaks to the current economic landscape and how impending rate hikes might affect the financial sector. There are some fundamental factors to consider when analyzing bank stock valuations. The quality of a bank’s underlying assets is… Read More

5 Utility Stocks with Attractive Company Fundamentals

The utility sector has been performing well, and its shares offer the stability close to that of bonds without the paltry returns. In a recent article for the, John Reese, CEO of Validea discusses how stable revenue streams, constant demand, consistent dividends and the regulated nature of the industry make these stocks attractive investment candidates. Even though increased demand has driven up the valuations of the group, utilities may be able to sustain their… Read More

Greenblatt, Buffett Strategies Big Winners in ’09

For stocks, 2009 was one of the most eventful years ever. From the widespread fears of financial Armageddon that pounded the market at the beginning of the year, to the signs of “green shoots” of hope, to one of the strongest and swiftest market rallies in history, a myriad of factors caused stock prices — and investors’ emotions — to swing wildly. In the end, the market ended up well in the black, and our… Read More