A Detailed Look at the Quality Factor

By Jack Forehand, CFA There is probably no investing factor that makes more sense to your average investor than quality. We all want to own great companies – think Apple, Microsoft, Google, JP Morgan. We love to invest in companies that consistently compound their earnings over time. And owning high quality, brand name businesses certainly makes you sound smarter at cocktail parties than owning cheap value stocks that many people think will never bounce back. It… Read More

High-Quality Stocks Won in a Tricky Year for Factor Investing

Although 2019 marked a year-long rally for the stock market, a recent Barron’s article notes that, “underneath the broad optimism,” various factor groups moved in and out of favor along with a shifting macroeconomic environment. The article outlined the year’s events and the corresponding impacts: In the first four months of the year, all factor groups were “running close to each other” with high-quality and growth stocks performing slightly better. But the increased tariff on… Read More

Follow Buffett’s Lead and Focus on Value + Quality

Investors might be surprised to know that Warren Buffett, perhaps the greatest investor of all time, is a big fan of indexing. For instance, “He has already declared that 90 percent of the money he leaves to his wife will be invested in Vanguard’s S&P 500 index fund.” But as Nir Kaissar, a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist points out, investors can glean insight into Buffett’s high quality and value portfolio at Berkshire. For example, the chart… Read More

Investing in Small Caps – Beware of Style Drift & Avoid Junk

If you are investing in small cap stocks, it is important not to make these two big mistakes writes Mark Hulbert for Barrron’s, because after few years of lackluster relative returns small caps look poised to turn the corner. As Hulbert points, smaller cap stocks have outperformed large caps over the long term but “for the past five years the Russell 1000 (which contains the 1,000 largest U.S. stocks) has beaten the Russell 2000 (the… Read More