Zweig and Grant on the Pressure to Go Passive

On a recent episode of WealthTrack, Consuelo Mack interviewed financial journalists Jason Zweig and James Grant regarding the lagging performance of value stocks and the pressure to move to passive investing. Here are some highlights: According to Zweig, “The real utility of a value investing framework is that it helps modulate your emotions as a value investor.” Grant argues that the current cycle is likely to end badly due to: (1) the corruption of accounting… Read More

Grant: Higher Yields Coming

James Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer sees higher rates ahead for Treasuries. Grant has also compiled a new report about the credit quality of Treasuries, with some interesting findings that he discusses on Bloomberg. [youtube=]

Bad Recession, ‘Zippy’ Recovery? History Says ‘Yes’

While many are predicting that the depth of the economy’s troubles will mean a “slow-burn” or muted recovery, James Grant writes in The Wall Street Journal that he’s expecting something much different. “Not famously a glass half-full kind of fellow, I am about to propose that the recovery will be a bit of a barn burner,” writes Grant, the editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer and author of The Trouble with Prosperity. “Americans are blessedly… Read More