Wells’ Paulsen: Six Reasons for Growth

Wells Capital Management Chief Investment Strategist James Paulsen is sounding optimistic on the economy, and today explained to Bloomberg TV the reasons for his belief that the solid growth is on the way. Paulsen says that stimulus plans generally come with a significant lag time (as much as a year), and, because of that, much of the government’s massive stimulus has yet to hit Main Street. He also says that many pundits are underestimating the… Read More

Six Reasons Top Wells Strategist Likes This Market

In his latest newsletter, James Paulsen, chief investment strategist for Wells Capital Management, says he believes “the economy and the financial markets have finally turned a corner and are probably ‘very early’ in a new recovery cycle,” meaning that investors shouldn’t cash out of stocks after the big recent rally. “We caution investors against letting the horrors experienced during the last couple years overly color contemporary investment strategies lest it produces a portfolio well-positioned for… Read More