Jim Grant on Upside-Down Interest Rates

In an article for Barron’s last month, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer founder and editor James Grant offers insights regarding the repercussions of an ultra-low interest rate environment. Grant quips, “You can as easily imagine a five-pawed St. Bernard or a suitable candidate for public office as you can the situation of a lender paying a borrower for the privilege of extending a loan.” He points out that such an interest rate environment means that saving… Read More

Jim Grant on Bond’s Bull Run

In a recent article for Barron’s, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer founder Jim Grant discusses the 35-year bull run of the bond market, noting that high interest rates at that time “beggared belief. Now it’s their plunge from those heights that makes you shake your head.” He quips, “If you have to forecast interest rates, do it in the shower where nobody can hear you.” Grant provides an overview of the bond market’s trajectory over the… Read More

Grant Goes Heavy Metal

If you were to ask Jim Grant, the seasoned and sage founder of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, where the markets are headed, you wouldn’t hear many minced words. During a recent Barron’s interview, the 70-year old Navy veteran said:  “We’re on the road to an important perception that central bankers don’t have the answers and are in fact in the process of discrediting the very money they are meant to protect.” Grant, founder of the… Read More

The Only Fed Voice that Matters – Listen to Yellen

James Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer recently weighed in on Federal Monetary Policy in a Bloomberg Report video. Grant believes the Fed “conceives its principal work to be suppressing or distorting the free play of interest rates or prices.” Asked what the Fed should do or not do to make the prices rule, Grant said the Fed has missed its mark, explaining that it had six or seven years to orchestrate a return to… Read More