Excess Returns, Ep. 34: The Danger of Learning From Your Mistakes

The process of learning from your mistakes is an important part of improving yourself over time both as an investor and as a person. But it requires that you learn the right lessons and don’t draw the wrong conclusions from your failures. And sometimes that is easier said than done. In this episode, we talk about some ways that learning from your mistakes can be counterproductive. We discuss: Why a significant failure early in our… Read More

Words of Wisdom from Byron Wein

When asked to share what he had learned over his first 80 years while addressing an investment conference back in 2013, Blackstone’s Byron Wein shared valuable insights on business and life. Here are some highlights: Concentrate on finding a big idea that will make an impact on the people you want to influence. Network intensely. There is no better way to increase your luck than by knowing as many people as possible. Read actively, all… Read More