Investing Legend Birinyi Remains Bullish on Stocks

As the stock market continues to climb and some investors think about pulling back, Laszlo Birinyi is “going in the opposite direction, placing more bullish trades on the S&P 500,” according to a recent article in Business Insider. The investing legend, the article says, argues that “ample cash remains on the sidelines, waiting to be deployed,” adding that “as stocks continue to show strong fundamentals, such as earnings growth, traders will continue to find excuses… Read More

Birinyi: Bull Market to Continue Onward & Upward

“My six-month forecast is [that stocks will go] higher,” says Laszlo Birinyi, founder and president of Birinyi Associates, Inc. He has been a persistent bull in recent years, and has repeatedly been proven right.  In December 2008, he said the stock market had reached its low. In September 2011, he said the Greek debt crisis would not drag U.S. companies lower, after which the market quickly bottomed and began a climb resulting in a 14% gain… Read More

Birinyi On Why The Bull Won’t Stop Here

Strategist Laszlo Birinyi sees stocks going higher, backed by good fundamentals and good sentiment conditions. Birinyi tells Bloomberg that many investors are still “fighting the tape”, and that sentiment thus hasn’t gotten too frothy. He says fundamentals are getting better, with key companies within the S&P 500 — like Google — performing well. Birinyi says the bull market is in its fourth phase, and history has shown fourth phases of bulls can involve gains of… Read More

Birinyi Cautious, But Still a Bull

Laszlo Birinyi says he thinks we’re still in a long-term bull market, but he’s being a bit more cautious these days. Birinyi also tells Bloomberg that he thinks the S&P 500 looks more attractive than the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite. He talks about the four phases of bull markets, saying that we’ve been through the “consolidation phase” and are now in the third phase, in which people accept that the bull is… Read More

Bearish Case “Short of Substance”, Birinyi Says

Laszlo Birinyi, who warned about financial stocks in the summer of 2008 and turned very bullish on the market not long after it bottomed in 2009, says he isn’t buying the bears’ arguments today. “I think the bearish case is short of substance, the defensive thesis suspect and that selling has been overdone,” Birinyi writes in a column for the Financial Times. “There are some attractive — if not cheap stocks available. We are reviewing… Read More

Birinyi Still a Big Bull

Bullish strategist Laszlo Birinyi, who has said he expects the S&P 500 to rise to 2,100 over the next several years, isn’t deterred by the market’s recent day-to-day movements. “We’re not going to get terribly concerned about the day-to-day squiggles,” Birinyi told MarketWatch. “One thing that has kept us in this market is that the bearish argument has not been based on solid foundations. When you have a market that begins like this market did,… Read More

Biggs, Fisher, Birinyi Still Bullish

Several top strategists are saying that investors should stick with stocks as the bull market enters its third year. Among them: hedge fund guru Barton Biggs. “I don’t think valuations are stretched,” Biggs told Canada’s Financial Post. “The next move in the S&P 500 is more likely to be up than down, and that move could be 10% to 15%.” Laszlo Birinyi also remains bullish, saying that investors who have missed the first big wave… Read More

Birinyi: It’s a Legitimate Bull

While many cynics say that the stock market’s bull run will soon end, Laszlo Birinyi sees it as having quite a ways to go. “This bull market has the strongest start of any in history,” Birinyi, the founder and president of Birinyi Associates, says, according to MarketWatch. “When you have a very sharp rise in the first part of the bull market, those tend to be prolonged bull markets.” Birinyi recently said that if the… Read More

Birinyi Sees Huge Jump Coming for Stocks

Strategist Laszlo Birinyi was ahead of the curve in calling the big market rally that started in March of 2009. Now, he says the bull run has a ways to go — a long ways to go. According to, Birinyi said in a recent letter to clients that he thinks the S&P 500 — currently around 1,270 — will climb above 2,800 in less than three years. “Birinyi said that given how long the… Read More