Top Value Managers Share Stock Ideas

A recent article in Barron’s shares insights from top value managers who during a virtual meeting earlier this month said they have been “snapping up a wide-range of stocks during the coronavirus-induced volatility.” Most of the seven managers—including Gamco’s Mario Gabelli, Bill Miller and Ariel co-CEO John Rogers, Jr.—said they expect the Dow to rise in 12 months although the U.S. markets are a bit overvalued, and predict a U-shaped economic recovery, the article reports.… Read More

Mario Gabelli Isn’t Worried About the Passive Trend

During a recent interview with Institutional Investor, Gamco CEO Mario Gabelli shared insights about the current market environment. The article says that Gabelli “isn’t too worried about the trend toward passive investing that has robbed active-management firms like his of assets,” but believes a passive approach makes sense for long-term investors that “don’t have much knowledge.” Gabelli refers to himself as a “bottom-up stock picker,” the article says, and is currently interested in the “companion-pet”… Read More

Guru Feedback from Barron’s Mid-Year Roundtable

Most participants in this year’s Barron’s Roundtable think “the markets will soon get more interesting, and not in a pleasant way,” according to the publication’s recent summary, which includes excerpts from comments by market heavy-hitters such as Jeffrey Gundlach and Mario Gabelli. “After all,” the article says, “U.S. stocks are expensive, the economy is dullsville, and interest rates are about to rise.” Noting that the market’s gains have been unevenly distributed since the last Roundtable… Read More

Veteran Fund Managers Part II

In yesterday’s blog post, we shared some insights from tenured money managers regarding the patience necessary for investment success. An article in last weeks’ InvestmentNews offered more feedback from this group of sage investors, which included; Ariel Fund’s John Rogers, Robert Bacarella of the Monetta fund, Mario Gabelli of Gabelli Asset Management Company and John Carey of the Pioneer fund. When asked how they’ve managed to stay in the competitive world of fund management, here… Read More

Gabelli (Like Ben Graham) Stresses Investing not Speculating

Speaking recently with CNBC, Mario Gabelli, chairman and CEO of Gabelli Asset Management, offered thoughts on a number of investing topics. Gabelli considers himself an investor, not a speculator. Gabelli views investing like owning a piece of the underlying business, and looks for firms with solid, hardworking management that allocates capital with a goal of generating returns on that capital. Mr. Market, he says, will often times give you the opportunity to buy these companies… Read More

Current Downturn is a Good Time to Pick Stocks, Says Mario Gabelli

Mario Gabelli of GAMCO told CNBC that he thinks the downturn “is good. This is what markets are supposed to do. Psychology and human behavior is supposed to give you the blow up.” He noted that we knew the fourth quarter of 2015 would “be reporting some real negative impacts from the convergence of “the four Cs: currency, China, commodities, and current earnings.” However, he said, “As I look to the fourth quarter of 2016,… Read More

Gabelli Talks Financial Sector

Top value investor Mario Gabelli says the way to make money in the financial sector is by investing in smaller, local banks. Gabelli tells FOX Business Network that he sees a round of consolidation coming for the sector, from which small, local bank shares will benefit. He’s less enthusiastic about money center banks, he says. Gabelli also talks about his bottom-up investing approach, fourth-quarter earnings, and why he’s excited about potential spin-offs.