Navellier, Dreman, and Siebert: What to Expect in 2011

Top growth investor Louis Navellier says he’s bullish heading into 2011, and is high on multi-national U.S. firms and technology companies. “I think you can invest in a lot of big company stocks here in the States and feel good about it because such a high percentage of the S&P earnings comes from beyond our borders,” Navellier tells the Palm Beach Daily News. “You can actually benefit from that if you buy companies like McDonald’s,… Read More

Bogle, Siegel, O’Shaughnessy: Where Do They Have Their Own Money?

While they have been hit hard over the past year, many of the world’s top investors aren’t shying away from the stock and bond markets, writes The Wall Street Journal’s Eleanor Laise. In fact, many have been snatching up bargain stocks and bonds for their own personal portfolios while most investors have been fleeing the market. “A sampling of high-profile industry veterans, academics and brokerage-firm chiefs reveals that many are hanging on to holdings battered… Read More