Zweig: We Can Control How We React to Market Panics

Market panics are “forces than can be hidden or delayed but never eliminated,” writes Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig. “The modern history of financial markets is a chronicle of attempts to control risk—if not eliminate it,” Zweig writes, adding, “One after another, they have all failed.” Zweig cites a number of historical events that were intended to mitigate market risk, including the creation of the Federal Reserve “in the wake of the Panic of… Read More

Some Thoughts on Market Panics

By Jack Forehand (@practicalquant) When the market pulled back in early 2018, I had just started writing publicly. It was my first chance to write an article offering my take on what investors should do during market declines. And I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity, so I brought out all the plays from my stay the course playbook. I talked about how stocks are the best long-term investment there is, and I threw… Read More