Advice from the Best — In 10 Words or Less

Could you distill your investment philosophy into 10 words or less? In his latest post for The Wall Street Journal’s Total Return blog, Jason Zweig poses that question to some of the world’s most successful investors. Zweig says that when someone recently asked him the question, he “laughed and said, ‘Of course not!’ But right afterward, I realized to my surprise that I could. I banged this out almost instantly: Anything is possible, and the unexpected is… Read More

The Macro Debate

Macroeconomic factors have been a driving force behind stock market moves in the past couple years. But how much should the recent increase in the impact of macro factors on the market affect stock investors’ strategies? Some of the world’s top managers are expressing different opinions, according to a Bloomberg article. Chuck Akre, for example, is holding more cash than he previously had because of the financial crisis. “It’s not clear how our economic and… Read More

Inside Rodriguez’s Approach

A new Bloomberg article takes a look at First Pacific Advisors’ Bob Rodriguez, offering some insights into the strategy of the fund manager whose 15% average annual return over the past 25 years ranks #1 among diversified U.S. equity funds (according to Morningstar). Among the key parts of Rodriguez’s strategy, writes Bloomberg’s Charles Stein: He focuses on two or three industries at a given time; He looks for firms with market values between $1 billion… Read More

Five Top Managers Are Buying — Cautiously

Noticing a trend that we’ve picked up on in recent weeks, Fortune notes that several extreme value investors have begun to see good, safe buys in the current market. In an interview with the magazine, top fund managers Robert Rodriguez, Susan Byrne, Jeremy Grantham, Tom Forester, and Leslie Christian all tell Fortune that they’re seeing a attractive stocks in the market right now — though they all remain somewhat cautious in this unprecedented environment. Rodriguez,… Read More