Ron Baron: Stocks Will Double in Next Ten Years

In November, the founder of Baron Capital made headlines by declaring that the stock market would double in 10 years, according to an article in Barron’s. The article also notes, “That makes for a great sound bite, but when you dig into the S&P 400’s returns, it’s not a bold perception—and wasn’t even supposed to be.” The article contends that the S&P 500 would have to return just over 7% a year to accomplish such… Read More

Hedge Fund Guru: Stocks Are Still Cheap

While some are saying the stock market is getting a bit overheated, top hedge fund manager Ron Baron says equities remain attractive — and not just because of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing policies. Baron tells CNBC that stocks are attractive based on valuation alone, though he says the Fed’s dollar-devaluing efforts are certainly another factor to consider. Baron also says that true GDP growth is in the 6.5% to 7% range this year —… Read More

Baron: Stocks Cheap, Economy Better Than You Think

Top hedge fund manager Ron Baron says that the recent market turmoil is not signaling another 2008-like crash. In his latest quarterly letter, Baron says that after Lehman Brothers collapsed in the fall of ’08, he and his team spoke with as many business executives as they could to get a read on the situation. “We were startled to hear that significant declines in sales were taking place magnitudes larger than any we had ever… Read More

Market Fear Has Two Top Managers Feeling Bullish

While many investors have been growing fearful in recent weeks, hedge fund guru Ron Baron says he’s still confident stocks are the place to be, in part because of their ability to withstand inflation. “The stock market is setting up like a springboard right now,” Baron tells Fortune. He notes that the stock market has gained only about 20% in the past dozen years, while the S&P 500’s earnings per share have more than doubled.… Read More

Baron Says Stocks Are “Unbelievably Cheap”

In the latest edition of Forbes’ Intelligent Investing, top fund manager Ron Baron talks about his investment approach, and offers his take on where the market stands right now. Baron discusses the importance of investing in firms with economic “moats”, the value he puts on strong management, and the need to think long term. Baron, who keys on smaller- and mid-cap firms, says stocks are “unbelievably cheap” right now because of high levels of fear… Read More

Buy-and-Hold, Hedging, and Values: Top Strategists Offer Tips

In a recent panel discussion held by Charles Schwab, several top managers and strategists offered their take on the current market, as well as portfolio management tips regarding buy-and-hold investing, hedging, and how to succeed if the current rally falters. Among the panelists was Ron Baron, chief investment officer at Baron Funds. Baron says that “investors have opportunities now to buy stocks at the cheapest prices in years,” reports AOL Daily Finance’s Matthew Scott. Erik… Read More