Morgan Housel on the Psychology of Money

In an episode of The Motley Fool radio show, host Chris Hill talked to The Collaborative Fund’s Morgan Housel about the psychology of investing and how humans behave when it comes to money. Here are some highlights: ·      Housel referred to a 9000-word piece he posted on Twitter calledThe Psychology of Money, in which he asserted that “investing is not the study of finance, it’s the study of how people behave with money.” The most important… Read More

Consuelo Mack Interviews Motley Fool Co-Founders the Gardner Brothers

In July, Consuelo Mack of Wealthtrack interviewed David and Tom Gardner, co-founders of The Motley Fool, to mark their firm’s 25th anniversary. Here are some highlights: The Gardner brothers contend, says Mack, that it’s “relatively easy to beat the market once you get the core principles down.” Tom describes these principles as: Track your returns against the market; Know your time horizon. It’s very tough to beat the market on a short time frame, he… Read More

Fool’s Gardner on Active Versus Passive Investing

In a recent interview with WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack, Motley Fool’s Tom Gardner shares insights regarding active versus passive investing and where he sees market opportunities. Tom Gardner, who’s mission through his Motley Fool multi-media network of financial services is to “help the world invest better.” He asserts his belief that index investing is the best first choice for many investors, but not because it’s impossible to be successful through active investing. Active investing, he explains,… Read More

Motley Fool’s Gardner: “Buy High and Try Not to Sell at All”

While passive index funds are all the rage, top-performing investor David Gardner says he still thinks investors will do better picking individual stocks than they would buying index funds – if they have the energy, time, and interest. And in a recent interview with WealthTrack, Gardner – the co-creator of The Motley Fool – talked about the stock-picking approach he has used to produce exceptional returns over the long haul. Gardner says he has made… Read More