Top Mid-Cap Manager Talks Strategy

In the latest edition of WealthTrack with Consuelo Mack, top mid-cap manager Thyra Zerhusen discusses her investment strategy, and where she’s finding value in the market right now. Zerhusen is a long-term investor, and says her average holding period is about 5 years. As a bottom-up, fundamental-focused investor, she says macroeconomic issues don’t matter to her in many cases, though they do in certain industries, like construction. She also says she looks for companies with… Read More

How Long Will Junk Continue to Lead?

While we’re now more than two years into the bull market, lower-quality stocks are ccontinuing to lead the market’s rise — bucking the usual trend seen in bull markets, MarketWatch’s Mark Hulbert says. In his latest column, Hulbert says that it was to be expected that “junk”-type stocks rose the most in the early stages of the bull run, since they were hit hardest during the preceding bear market. But, Hulbert says, “Had this bull… Read More

Top Fund Manager Sees Hopeful Signs

Thyra Zerhusen, whose Aston/Optimum Mid-Cap Equity fund has beaten about 95% of its peers over the past decade, is seeing signs of hope in the economy, and has been buying on the market’s dips. According to SmartMoney, Zerhusen bought shares of firms like media giant Gannett and speech-technology firm Nuance Communications when the market declined this year. She says improved earnings in the spring and reports of components shortages are encouraging signs. “I wouldn’t have… Read More