Validea on YouTube: A Resource for Investors

Validea on YouTube: A  Resource for Investors

The Validea Youtube channel offers investors a wide range of educational videos on topics such as market movements, investor psychology and current events, as well as instructional videos on how to navigate the Validea platform and understand its guru-based investment models. You’ll also find compelling interviews with industry leaders including Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Howard Marks and Joel Greenblatt, to name a few.

Here’s an overview of the channel playlists:

  • Risk Managed & Asset Allocation Models: Discussions on protective momentum, trend-following and protective asset allocation investment models.
  • Excess Returns: A video series featuring provocative discussions between Jack Forehand, president of Validea Capital Management, and Justin Carbonneau, partner. This playlist features nearly 30 videos of in-depth discussions on subjects ranging from market volatility and factor timing to risk management and the impact of Covid-19. Investors will learn what to avoid, the lessons offered by history, what works and what doesn’t.
  • Webinars and educational videos: Here you’ll learn about Validea’s propriety, guru-based stock-picking models and how they work within the context of the current market environment.
  • Interviews with our team: Insights from the Validea team on investment strategies, concepts, and challenges.
  • Guru Models: These videos provide investors a detailed walk-through of the thirteen investing models developed by Validea Capital Management and based on the methodologies of industry gurus such as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Joel Greenblatt, and Benjamin Graham.
  • Validea Tools: A collection of videos explaining Validea’s investing strategies and stock screening models as well as investment classes, market trends and share valuation metrics.
  • Investing Gurus: A collection of fascinating interviews, documentaries and talks given by some of Wall Street’s most legendary investors.

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