Webinar: How To Use Validea Tools in Today's Rocky Market

In this webinar, Validea’s Justin Carbonneau discusses some of the tools and research on Validea that may be helpful for investors in today’s market.

He discusses the following features on Validea:

  • Validea Risk Managed ETF model portfolios, which are systematic ETF models that seek to manage risk and major drawdowns while producing reasonable long-term returns by blending asset classes, using momentum and trend following and other concepts.
  • The site’s Guru Stock Screener as a way to source new ideas in some of the most beaten down areas of the market.
  • Validea’s new factor report for individual stocks, and why quality, momentum and low volatility factors may be important in today’s market.
  • Our Trend Following system, which is a technical model that seeks to minimizing drawdowns while also providing discipline re-entry into asset/investment classes once the trend turns positive. Trend following is applied to all major asset classes, our guru models, sectors and more.
  • Validea’s Market Valuation tool, which allows you to see how the market’s current valuation stakes up based on history and allows you to compare segments of the market to each other so you can determine where the most value can be found today.

Running Time: 20 Minutes