Weekly Top 10: Highest Scoring Warren Buffett Stocks

Our weekly top 10 offers a preview of the research offered on our subscription website validea.com. 

This week, we look at the current highest scoring stocks using our model based on Warren Buffett. To access our full research tool, please take a free trial.

The Buffett strategy buys stocks with an extremely long-term horizon. In fact, Buffett has held some of his investments for decades, and he’s said that Berkshire’s favorite holding period is ‘forever’. Buffett doesn’t try to capitalize on small day-to-day stock market movements; instead, he focuses on a company’s business, because he knows that, over time, the stocks of firms with strong businesses and good long-term prospects are likely to rise considerably, regardless of what those stocks are doing today or tomorrow or next week. To find those strong businesses, this strategy goes back as far as a decade into a company’s history, so only stocks with consistent long-term track records can pass this methodology.

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