What Do Former World Series Hero Joe Carter And Warren Buffett Have In Common?

In his latest for Forbes.com, Validea CEO John Reese turns to an unlikely source of investment wisdom: Former Major League outfielder and World Series hero Joe Carter.

Reese talks about how Carter hit particularly well when visiting Boston’s Fenway Park. “When asked why he played so well in Boston, Carter reportedly referenced the giant Citgo gas sign that looms in the distance beyond the left field wall,” Reese wrote. “While others read ‘CITGO,’ Carter said, he saw ‘C-IT-GO’ when he strode to the plate. Discouraged Red Sox fans would then ‘see it’ — that is, the ball — ‘go,’ flying over the wall.”

“Of course, Carter’s explanation was no doubt tongue-in-cheek,” writes Reese. “But there’s a lesson in it: Success often comes from seeing things differently than the rest of the crowd. That’s particularly true in investing. History’s greatest investors usually look at the same picture everyone else looks at, but see something different than the masses.”

Reese looks at how Warren Buffett thinks differently than the crowd when it comes to growth and value investing. While others look at the two as contrasting styles, Buffett sees growth as a component of value, Reese says. He looks at a handful of stocks whose growth makes them more valuable. Among them: Polaris Industries.