When It Comes To Tech Investing, Don't Overlook The Old Guard

In the tech sector, new companies with exciting stories often get the bulk of the attention — and the bulk of investors’ dollars. But in a recent interview with Canada’s Business News Network, Validea CEO John Reese says he’s finding more opportunities in older, less glamorous tech plays.

Reese says that even if an old tech firm is growing at a high-single-digit or low-double-digit rate, investors can make out if the price is right. Reese says that right now, the price is right for many old tech stalwarts, including Microsoft and Apple. He says that these companies no longer have the exciting, high-growth stories they once did, which is causing investors to overlook them. Reese also talks about the time horizon that tech sector investors should have, and how important it is to invest in a broad basket of stocks to diversify away stock-specific risk.

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