Tilson, Winters, Hartnett Offer Varied Perspectives

In the latest edition of WealthTrack with Consuelo Mack, three top strategists — Whitney Tilson, David Winter, and Michael Hartnett — offer varying takes on the current market. Tilson of T2 Partners says he’s switched from offense to defense recently because he sees valuations weakening and a rough road ahead for the economy; Winter of the Wintergreen Fund says he’s buying — selectively — and is focused overseas; and Hartnett of Bank of America/Merrill Lynch… Read More

Wien, Biggs, Leuthold, Sonders: Don’t Dismiss the Rally

While the stock market rebound has been met with great skepticism, several top strategists — including some not known for their bullishness — are beginning to think that the rally is indeed for real, reports Financial Advisor Magazine’s Evan Simonoff. “Normally sober, often vinegary sages ranging from Byron Wien to Barton Biggs to Steve Leuthold to Michael Price think that a market which stubbornly refuses to correct its deviant behavior by more than a few… Read More

Whitney, Krugman: Government Needs to Do More

While the economy has been showing signs of life in recent months and the stock market is now more than 50% off its March low, two top economic minds are saying that we’re far from out of the woods. In an Op-Ed piece for The Wall Street Journal today, Meredith Whitney — the banking analyst who warned about the credit crisis — offers a new warning: “Anyone counting on a meaningful economic recovery will be… Read More

Top Value Manager Sees Plenty of Opportunities Left after Run-Up

Kent Croft — whose Croft Value fund is up more than 30% this year and is in the top 7% of funds in its category over the past three, five, and ten years, according to Morningstar — says he’s still finding plenty of value in the market, even after the huge recent run-up. Croft tells Yahoo! TechTicker that he is finding value in quality firms that offer “growth at a discounted price”. He has his… Read More

Shiller: Housing to Move Sideways

Yale economist Robert Shiller, who predicted the recent housing bust as well as the Internet bust earlier this decade, says that a meaningful recovery seems to have occurred in the housing market — but that we shouldn’t expect it to continue at the current rate. “It looks like a major turnaround,” Shiller, whose S&P Case-Shiller housing index has now risen for three straight months, told The Wall Street Journal. “We have some concern that it… Read More

“Foolish” Gardner: Learn from Others, Focus on Fundamentals

Tom Gardner, co-founder and CEO of The Motley Fool, says in an interview with Forbes that two of the most important things an investor can do are being open to learning from other successful investors, and taking a long-term view of the stock market. Gardner, who founded The Motley Fool online community with his brother David, was bullish earlier this year when many were pushing apocalyptic viewpoints; since then, the market has surged. “It’s tough… Read More

Wells’ Paulsen: Six Reasons for Growth

Wells Capital Management Chief Investment Strategist James Paulsen is sounding optimistic on the economy, and today explained to Bloomberg TV the reasons for his belief that the solid growth is on the way. Paulsen says that stimulus plans generally come with a significant lag time (as much as a year), and, because of that, much of the government’s massive stimulus has yet to hit Main Street. He also says that many pundits are underestimating the… Read More

’08 Plunge Gives Individual Investors Big “Small” Advantage

One of the many impacts of last year’s market meltdown was the huge shakeup to stocks’ style box classifications. With most stocks losing a quarter to half of their value — and some of the largest companies being decimated — definitions for “large-cap”, “mid-cap”, and “small-cap” were turned on their heads. And, writes Investment News’ Jeff Benjamin, that appears to have given smaller money managers and individual investors an advantage over big investment firms. Benjamin… Read More

Forester Trims Back, But Optimistic on Q3 Earnings

Tom Forester, whose Forester Value Fund was the lone diversified stock fund to make money in 2008, is taking profits on some of his 2009 winners, but thinks third-quarter earnings season should be pretty solid because of the government’s massive stimulus efforts. According to Investment News, Forester — whose fund is lagging the S&P this year (it’s up 11.65% vs. 18.52% for the index) — is cautiously optimistic heading into the fourth quarter. “Right now… Read More