Omega’s Cooperman Says Investors in for a Strong 2017

According to a 51-page letter to investors penned by Leon Cooperman and Steve Einhorn of hedge fund Omega Advisors, “things are looking good for stock investors,” says a recent article in Business Insider. The article outlines some takeaways: Solid S&P 500 growth: The index, say Cooperman and Einhorn, can deliver an 8% to 10% return in the coming year, “consisting of earnings-per-share growth of approximately 8% (aided by a lower corporate tax rate and added… Read More

2017 Outlook Per Morningstar, Vanguard, and Others

While it may be reasonable to use long-term market data to help shape return projections, it should be a starting point which is then adjusted “up or down based on experts’ opinions about current valuations and the investor’s own time horizon,” writes Morningstar’s Christine Benz. Benz offers insights from different market experts regarding return assumptions: John Bogle, founder of Vanguard Group—in a September 2016 interview, Bogle said he expected “muted returns for both stocks and… Read More

Bernstein CIO Shares 2017 Outlook

Seth Masters, chief investment officer of Bernstein Private Wealth Management, shares his outlook for the coming year in a recent interview with Business Insider. Here are some highlights: Masters sees volatility ahead for the markets. With respect to the Dow, he says, “One implication of more volatility together with relatively slower growth in stocks is that you probably will see 20,000 hit multiple times, not just once.” Concerning the global economic outlook, Masters believes there… Read More