Omega's Cooperman Says Investors in for a Strong 2017

According to a 51-page letter to investors penned by Leon Cooperman and Steve Einhorn of hedge fund Omega Advisors, “things are looking good for stock investors,” says a recent article in Business Insider.

The article outlines some takeaways:

Solid S&P 500 growth: The index, say Cooperman and Einhorn, can deliver an 8% to 10% return in the coming year, “consisting of earnings-per-share growth of approximately 8% (aided by a lower corporate tax rate and added share repurchase funded from repatriated cash), a dividend yield of 2% and a slightly lower than current market P/E.”

Low yields: Omega expects U.S. shares to rise in part because low yields in fixed income markets will encourage investors to move to stocks.

Interest rates: Rising rates, say Cooperman and Einhorn, “should not pose a problem for U.S. shares,” based on the rationale that a large portion of higher bond interest rates this year will come from increased confidence in economic growth and a “lift in the bond market premium” rather than from higher inflation expectations.

If these assumptions prove out, the article says, Cooperman and Einhorn believe investors should likely “have their cake and eat it too” in 2017.