Grantham’s Firm Sees “Mother of All Bubbles” in China

Jeremy Grantham’s firm is taking a very bearish stance on China, believing the country is in a huge infrastructure and real estate bubble. “China is experiencing the mother of all bubbles,” Peter Chiappinelli, portfolio strategist at Grantham’s GMO, says, according to “We don’t know when it’s going to pop or what’s going to cause it to pop, but there’s very little track record of countries successfully navigating a soft landing out of a bubble.”… Read More

Mobius Sees Soft Landing For China, Increasing Role For Renminbi

Emerging markets guru Mark Mobius says he sees a soft landing for China, and thinks it is “very possible” that the country’s renminbi will become one of the world’s reserve currencies by 2020. “The high-growth economies of China and other emerging Asian and Latin American countries lost some momentum as 2011 wore on, but to me they now appear poised for softer landings than their developed-market counterparts,” Mobius, of Templeton Asset Management, tells Citywire. “During… Read More

What Bolton Likes In China

Top U.K. fund manager Anthony Bolton thinks that China’s economy is better than many realize, and is particularly high on the country’s consumption and services sectors. “We have been through an extraordinarily volatile year but I believe that when the dust settles and things calm down, investors will focus on relative growth rates they can get in different parts of the world,” Bolton tells “I feel very strongly that this will result in money… Read More

Hedge Fund Chief: Asia Offers Big Opportunities for Value Investors

Michael van Biema, whose value-focused firm’s funds garnered several InvestHedge awards in 2010, says the Asian markets are offering particularly good opportunities for value investors. “They’re getting really, really cheap again, which of course, we like,” van Biema tells in reference to Asian stocks. “And you get a huge tail wind of growth. The best environment for a value investor is a place where companies get highly mispriced, so that you can buy firms… Read More

Oberweis: China Fears Way Overblown

Newsletter guru Jim Oberweis says that investors have wildly overreacted to fears about China’s slowing growth. “International funds have relentlessly poured out of China as fears of slowing growth surfaced and margin calls increased the need to pull capital out of the country,” Oberweis tells Investor’s Business Daily. “China’s economy is slowing, but not to the degree reflected in the absurd sell-off that Chinese equities have experienced.” Oberweis added that “fundamentals win over time, and… Read More

Valuations Have Bolton Bullish

Fidelity’s Anthony Bolton says he’s optimistic about global equities, and valuations are a big reason. “I am still a bull of world equity markets,” Bolton, who produced an exceptional track record in the U.K. and now oversees a China-focused fund, said at an Investment Week conference. “I think in this business you have got to look at what is discounted in valuations, not at the outlook. A very cautious view is discounted in valuations at… Read More

Bolton Remains Confident in China

While his China-focused fund has struggled in its first year, top U.K. fund manager Anthony Bolton says he’s sticking to his general approach — with some modifications — and continues to think Chinese stocks are packed with potential. “I am pretty confident in the general approach,” Bolton tells The Telegraph. “I said before the fund was launched that I think the drivers of Chinese growth are changing and the areas of future growth will be… Read More

Mobius Looks to Consumer, Commodity Stocks

Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius says he’s high on consumer and commodity stocks because they can survive another financial crisis — which he says is inevitable because the causes of the 2008 crisis haven’t been addressed. “The problem in talking about another crisis is that no one knows when it will happen,” he says. “It could happen next year, it could happen five years from now. So we have to be invested. So what we… Read More

Biggs Bullish, Despite Slowing Economy

Hedge fund guru Barton Biggs says the economy has slowed, but he remains bullish on U.S. stocks. “The U.S. and the global economy have clearly slowed pretty significantly,” Biggs tells Bloomberg Surveillance. “That’s arousing the bears, who believe we’re going to slip back into a long soft patch at best or maybe even a double-dip at worst. For a number of reasons I don’t think that’s right.” Biggs says investors are overreacting to news like… Read More

Soros Talks China, Dollar, Inflation

Hedge fund guru George Soros says inflation in China is a serious concern, and says the Asian power made a mistake in not letting its currency appreciate in value. Soros also tells Bloomberg that the U.S. dollar has lost its place as the world’s reserve currency, with other currencies like the Euro and even commodities like oil and gold cutting into the greenback’s dominant position. [youtube=]