Top Fund Manager Sees Change Coming

Top fund manager David Winters says that for the first time in years, investors are letting go of Great Recession-triggered fears. “We’re beginning to see a change in sentiment,” Winters tells “There are big opportunities [abroad], and the [first] brave few will be the ones to make money.” Winters says an improving U.S. real estate market and the passing of the fiscal cliff drama are helping make investors feel better, though he says a… Read More

Winters: “Things Will Get Better”

David Winters, whose fund is in the top 7% of funds in its class over the past five years, according to Morningstar, says “things will get better” in the U.S., and he’s finding several bargains in the stock market. “Selective stocks are very cheap,” Winters tells Bloomberg. He says that after a recent trip to Asia, he’s high on consumer stocks, and he also talks about a mining stock he’s particularly high on.

Winters, Davis See Gloomy Climate As Buying Opportunity

Top fund manager David Winters says that now is not the time to be fleeing stocks, and that he feels “like a kid in a candy store” because of the abundance of values in the market right now. Winters tells WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack that he thinks people “are gonna make a lot of dough” in stocks if they can find businesses that capitalize on shifting global trends. Both he and investment manager Chris Davis discuss… Read More

Winters On How To Tap Into EM Growth, And Limit European Risk

Top fund manager David Winters says he’s finding value in Western companies with exposure to emerging markets, the type of companies that have helped his Wintergreen fund produce strong returns over the past few years. “We continue to see well-run companies with meaningful exposure to the growing markets of Asia, South America, and Africa selling for attractive valuations,” Winters tells “Many of these companies are based in Western countries with Western-style management and well-established… Read More

Winters: “It’s a Great Time to Be a Value Investor”

Top fund manager David Winters says it’s a “great time to be a value investor”. Winters tells Bloomberg that “I think there’s a lot to do today because people are so negative. It’s a great time to be a value investor.” One area where he’s finding a lot of value: Switzerland. Winters also talks about his broader investment philosophy, which involves looking for businesses that have improving economics, a cheap share price, and management working for… Read More

Winters Finding Value in Developing Markets; Says Future Is Bright

Top value investor David Winters says he’s finding opportunities among luxury goods firms that are doing strong business in Hong Kong. Winters also tells Bloomberg that, more generally, he thinks the big opportunities for investors are outside of developed markets, in areas like Asia and Latin America. He says he thinks markets are going to “drift higher” from here as fears lift, and says those who own shares of good businesses with good management bought… Read More

Winters Looks Overseas; Growing More Concerned About Inflation

Top-performing fund manager David Winters says many investors are overlooking some great bargains beyond the U.S.’s borders. “The most compelling opportunities are no longer in North America but in companies domiciled overseas or focused on the world beyond the U.S.,” Winters said at InvestmentNews’ 2011 Retirement Income Summit. Winters said he has 75% of his portfolio invested outside the U.S. “There are a couple billion people enjoying the party, and they want everything we have,”… Read More

Winters Sees Longer-Term Buying Opportunities

Top fund manager David Winters says he’s “shopping” for equities because prices of stocks have “gotten crushed” recently. Winters says he thinks Japan and the rest of the world will get through the current crises, and that this is a good buying opportunity. He also talks broader strategy, saying the way to get rich is to buy good business with improving economics, management that’s working for shareholders, and a cheap price tag. And those cheap… Read More

Winters, Biggs on Where the Market Is Headed

Two top money managers, David Winters and Barton Biggs, are sounding bullish on U.S. stocks. Winters, whose mutual funds have excellent long-term track records, told Bloomberg that benchmark indexes may reach record highs as the government helps stimulate economic growth. “Winters, who favors stocks in emerging economies in Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea, said many U.S. companies still look attractive,” Bloomberg reports. “American equities will do ‘OK’ this year, he said.” Biggs,… Read More

Winters Taps Emerging Market Growth Via Europe

Top fund manager David Winters says he’s trying to get exposure to emerging market growth, but he’s doing so in an unconventional way: by focusing on European stocks. Winters tells Bloomberg that he wants his shareholders to have exposure to the parts of the world “where people want everything we have and are willing to go out and get it,” But with investors having poured cash into emerging market stocks in 2010, he says focusing… Read More