Winters, Davis See Gloomy Climate As Buying Opportunity

Top fund manager David Winters says that now is not the time to be fleeing stocks, and that he feels “like a kid in a candy store” because of the abundance of values in the market right now. Winters tells WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack that he thinks people “are gonna make a lot of dough” in stocks if they can find businesses that capitalize on shifting global trends. Both he and investment manager Chris Davis discuss how investors’ short-sightedness leads to self-destructive investing behavior — namely buying high and selling low. “Lower prices increase future returns. It’s as simple as that,” Davis says. “So here we have lower prices, higher corporate profits, and now people want to get out of stocks, simply because the prices are down.” He says that while the market will gyrate in the short term, underlying fundamentals of businesses are strong.