European Stocks Appeal to This Investor with $837 Billion

A recent article in Bloomberg reports that Manulife Investment Management is on the brink of overweighting European stocks after the region’s equities saw the worst tumble in more than three years. The dip comes in the wake of “messy politics in the U.K. and Italy combined with the fallout from U.S.-China trade tensions,” the article reports, adding comments from JPMorgan Chase that the region’s stocks are unlikely to outperform the U.S. unless they can outpace… Read More

Dalio’s $22 Billion Bet Against Europe

Billionaire fund manager and Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio is “leading his firm down a path few other funds care to tread,” that involves selling off European holdings to the tune of $22 billion. This according to a recent article in Bloomberg. The article explains that Europe’s strong economy, tight labor market and rising interest rates are factors that fulfill Dalio’s “sell” requirements. Last year, it reports, Europe’s economy grew at the fastest pace in a… Read More

Bloomberg: It Could Be Time to Run with the Bulls

The election of Emmanuel Macron as French president should be the “signal for equity investors to take advantage of a less febrile political environment and buy European stocks,” according to a Bloomberg article from earlier this month. For the past year or so, the article says, economic growth in the euro zone has matched that of the U.S.: The article cites data from Morgan Stanley indicating that first-quarter results submitted by more than 250 companies… Read More