Siegel: Stocks Cheap; Fed Needs to Do a Bit More for Economy

Wharton Professor and author Jeremy Siegel says stocks remain “so cheap”, but he thinks the Federal Reserve needs to do a bit more to help the economy work through its recent soft patch. Siegel tells Bloomberg that he’s not talking about another round of quantitative easing, but instead other measures that would encourage banks to lend the money sitting on their balance sheets. Siegel says he expects GDP to accelerate to the 3% to 4%… Read More

Rogers: Let Greece Fail

Commodities guru Jim Rogers says that Europe should let Greece default on its debt, and that the U.S. Federal Reserve needs to stop printing money, or else risk creating another serious financial crisis. Rogers tells Bloomberg that history shows the longer one delays dealing with a debt crisis, the more trouble it creates. He opposes further Greece bailouts, saying they are really bailouts of banks from France, Germany, and other countries that made bad loans… Read More