Barron’s: Active Funds Could Make a Comeback

After years of weak performance and a battered reputation, there may be better days ahead for active fund managers, writes Jack Hough in this week’s Barron’s. Investors have been favoring passive funds for years. However, Hough writes, “for tactical investors, the timing might be good for a contrarian move. All that cash pouring into index funds might have flattered the relative performance of the indexes in recent years.” Active funds, Hough says, tend to lag… Read More

Market Shifting From Momentum to Value

A pair of brief pieces in Barron’s, one by columnist Jack Hough and the other on behalf of JPMorgan, discuss the implications of the recent selloff in momentum stocks. As Hough explains, “momentum investing refers to the practice of buying what’s already going up” and can be used within a broader strategy, such as by “looking for recent stock momentum among [a portfolio’s] value picks” when rebalancing. Many portfolios employing a “long/short momentum” strategy lost… Read More