Cooperman Sees Possible Correction, But Still Finding Values

Hedge fund guru Leon Cooperman thinks stocks may be headed sideways, or into a correction. But he’s still finding value in individual companies. “I wouldn’t be surprised personally if the market got into corrective mode or we went sideways for a while,” Cooperman said at CNBC and Institutional Investor’s “Delivering Alpha” conference, CNBC reports. “I’ve got a sense that I could be wrong because (Fed Chairman Ben) Bernanke is getting his way. Everyone is moving… Read More

Cooperman: No Shortage of Bargains

Hedge fund guru Leon Cooperman says he thinks the market has gotten a little ahead of fundamentals, but by and large he thinks the bull market has more room to run. Cooperman tells CNBC that he thinks two things could lead to a bear market: recession, or a reversal of Federal Reserve policies, neither of which he sees as happening soon. Cooperman says Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has succeeded in getting the market to… Read More

Cooperman: Stocks the Place to Be in 2013

Hedge fund guru Leon Cooperman says stocks are the best place for investors to be in 2013. Cooperman tells CNBC that he thinks stocks “are in a zone of fair valuation to modest undervaluation”,  and that, given the Federal Reserve’s loose money policies, there’s no other asset class that can offer the kind of returns stocks can offer right now. “I think the bubble is in bonds,” Cooperman said. “Buying U.S. government bonds is like… Read More

Cooperman Growing Less Bullish on Stocks, But Sees Few Alternatives

Hedge fund guru Leon Cooperman has become a bit less bullish on stocks, though he thinks they are still the best asset class available for investors. Cooperman tells CNBC’s Larry Kudlow that the market is in “a zone of fair valuation”, and that he isn’t aggressively bullish or bearish. The main reason he’s become more neutral on stocks, he says, is that he thinks the profit cycle is peaking. He says, however, that with the… Read More

Cooperman: Stocks the Place to Be

Hedge fund guru Leon Cooperman says stocks “generally speaking are the place to be”, and thinks government bonds are in a bubble. Cooperman tells CNBC that “there’s a very pessimistic price structure built into many equities, and the bond yields, in my opinion, are being subsidized by the government, so I want to be out of U.S. government bonds. I think they’re a mispriced asset class.” He says cash and high-yield bonds are also both… Read More

Despite Slow Growth, Cooperman Likes Stocks

Hedge fund guru Leon Cooperman says he’s “moderately constructive” about U.S. stocks, and is very bearish on U.S. government bonds. Speaking at the “Delivering Alpha” conference presented by CNBC and Institutional Investor, Cooperman said he expects sluggish growth from the economy, with growth being “okay, not great”. But he thinks a variety of factors make this a good time to be buying stocks. “Stocks are cheap against inflation, they’re cheap against their own history, they’re cheap against… Read More

Gross vs. Cooperman on Treasurys

Are Treasury bonds a good place to be, or quite dangerous? Two top strategists — Bill Gross and Leon Cooperman — have very different takes. Hedge fund guru Cooperman tells Bloomberg that Treasurys will be the worst place to put their money for the next three years. He says the Federal Reserve is trying to bolster asset prices, and he thinks they’ll be successful, creating significant inflation in the next couple years. With yields so… Read More