Do Robots Offer an Edge in the Investing Arms Race?

Quantitative traders are hoping that computer-driven strategies will be able to “figure out this crazy stock market,” according to a recent article in Bloomberg. “Machine-learning takes quant investing to the next level because the robots are programmed to adapt and improve their performance based on the data they sample over time, without needing explicit human instructions,” the article explains. Although the concept is not new, it adds, the difference now is that the tools have… Read More

Five Questions: Machine Learning in Investing with Kevin Zatloukal

By Jack Forehand (@practicalquant) — Artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to change investing in many ways. The ability of computers to think, analyze data, and react more and more like human beings has the potential to change everything from how advisors interact with their clients to how investment strategies are created to the fees that are charged for investment advisory services. While very few people dispute the potential for these technologies in investing,… Read More