Mobius: Emerging Markets Offer Less Risk than Developed Markets

Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius says emerging markets are offering less risk and better returns than other more developed markets. Mobius tells Bloomberg that many emerging markets have lower debt loads and higher growth prospects than developed nations. He also says that the European debt crisis has put a damper on emerging markets recently, offering investors a buying opportunity. [youtube=]

Mobius Not Afraid of Thailand

Despite political unrest and major protests, Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius says Thailand is still offering good investment opportunities. “We are not so concerned about the political situation in Thailand,” Mobius told Reuters. “Because, as you know, we have been investing in Thailand for almost 15 years or more. And we think that this kind of change in the Thai political environment has happened many times before.” Thailand has the second-largest weighting in Templeton’s Asian… Read More

Gurus Building with Chinese “BRICs”

Earlier today we highlighted Mark Mobius’ comments on the BRIC nations — Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Mobius, Templeton Asset Management’s Executive Chairman, says he’s keying in on two major areas when it comes to BRIC equities: commodity and consumer stocks. That got us thinking about which BRIC stocks John Reese’s Guru Strategies are highest on right now. As part of his recently unveiled Validea Professional product, Reese is now featuring on several country… Read More

Mobius Talks BRICs

Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius says he’s keying on two sectors in the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China): commodities and consumers. “Companies that are strong in production of commodities such as oil, iron ore, nickel, platinum and other such products are favored,” Mobius writes in a Q&A on Templeton’s web site. “In the consumer area, we are interested consumer banking, retail and consumer disposable product companies.” Mobius also expresses a positive outlook for… Read More

Mobius Says Latin American Markets to Turn Higher Soon

Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius says he expects the Latin American stock market correction to end within a month, and says the region’s indices may well climb to new highs by the end of 2010. “Latin American markets are going to move up after the current correction because we are nowhere near the previous highs in most of these markets,” Mobius told Bloomberg. “Things are quite optimistic particularly in Brazil, and this will infect countries… Read More

Mobius: Don’t Mistake Correction for a Bear

Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius says that a 15% to 20% correction isn’t unlikely for the stock market, but that investors shouldn’t mistake one for the start of another big downturn. “In a secular bull market, where we are now, you will see corrections can be as much as 15-20 percent, but we shouldn’t be concerned that this represents a bear market,” Mobius tells CNBC. “A 20 percent correction is not unusual, we’ve seen it… Read More

Emerging Markets Still Offering Opportunities, Mobius Says

Have emerging markets rallied too far too fast? Mark Mobius says no. Mobius, the longtime Templeton Asset Management manager, tells BusinessWeek that emerging market stocks are still selling at reasonable values, and that he’s finding good buys in China, Brazil, and a number of smaller emerging and frontier markets. While investors shouldn’t expect the same kind of percentage gains in 2010 as they’ve seen in 2009, he says money is there to be made. “If… Read More

Mobius: India Growth Likely to Continue — But “Dubai-Like” Hit Looms for Market

Templeton Asset Management Executive Chairman Mark Mobius says a recent visit to India has reinforced his belief that the country can keep up its growth rate, but he warns that overheated markets in India could lead to a “Dubai-like” situation or correction. “I confess that many [Indian stocks] currently do appear to be rather expensive,” Mobius writes on his blog. “With [the high] demand from Indian domestic investors, Indian stock prices have rebounded from their… Read More

Mobius: Be Ready for Emerging Market Correction

Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius says investors should be ready for a 20% correction in emerging market stocks, triggered by Dubai’s attempt to delay its debt payments and compounded by the devaluation of the Vietnamese currency. “This may be the trigger to allow for the market to take a rest and pull back,” Mobius told Bloomberg. “A 20 percent correction is not unusual in such a bull market, so that’s quite possible and we should… Read More

Mobius on “Frontier” Markets

Mark Mobius, manager of Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust says that emerging markets have a lot of room left to run, and that “frontier markets” — those in the very early stages of developing, like Vietnam, Romania, and Kenya — are “where it’s at”. Mobius tells the U.K.’s Telegraph TV that a big reason for his optimism is that money supply is “growing at a rapid pace globally and there’s a lot of money coming… Read More