U.S. Market Gurus Say Calm is Illusion

Several stock market gurus are “looking at the risks that still lie ahead in the current relative calm,” according to a recent article in Reuters. The article cites comments from experts such as Jeffrey Gundlach who “had been warning for more than a year that markets were too calm.”  With regard to the correction that occurred earlier this month, Gundlach said, “Do you honestly believe today is the bottom?” “Many strategists have been bullish about… Read More

Ken Fisher on Bull Market Dips Versus True Bear Markets

In a recent USA Today article, famed investor Ken Fisher offered advice on how to discern between a bear market and a bull market “blip”: Referring to the market dip that occurred earlier this month, Fisher advises, “If you’re fully invested, sit on your hands. Hard! For cash holders this action prescribes buying. Always stay cool. Fight any urge to sell. It’s all signaling more new highs ahead.” Bull markets, says Fisher, “don’t end this… Read More

Market Correction Characteristics

The market is “certainly overdue for something,” according to a recent article in Barron’s. It also points out, however, that a correction is “likely to be a buying opportunity as long as the economy continues to hold up.” The article points out that investors are concerned about a potential setback not just because of slow GDP growth and disconcerting headlines, but also due to “technical indicators.” As far as what a correction will actually look… Read More

A Market Correction May Be Good Medicine

Although stock prices have tripled during the eight-year bull market, there have been only four corrections, and some investors think a period of decline might not be so bad. This according to an article in last week’s Wall Street Journal. The view of many analysts and investors, according to the article, is that the “postelection rally that has driven the S&P 500 up roughly 10% has cleaved share prices from the underlying fundamentals that tend… Read More