Muhlenkamp Likes Big Tech Plays, Auto-Related Stocks

Top value investor Ron Muhlenkamp is finding value in large-cap technology stocks, as well as some picks in the automobile industry. “European banks and insurance companies were big sellers of big-cap technology in 2010 when the extensive problems in Europe were being revealed,” Muhlenkamp tells “Pressure has kept stocks cheaper than they otherwise would have been. When we look for values in the current marketplace, we are finding them in big-cap tech, particularly IBM,… Read More

Biggs Sees Tech Sector Leading Next Push Upward

Hedge fund guru Barton Biggs says the global economic recovery is a strong one, and that the next big move in the U.S. market will be a tech-stock-led 15% to 20% upward push. Biggs tells Bloomberg that drug and REIT stocks are also attractive, and says it’s very reassuring that there are so many bears out there. Biggs also gives his take on the European debt crisis, saying that the currency devaluation there could be… Read More

Tech Rebound for Real, Says Oberweis

Newsletter guru and money manager Jim Oberweis says the strong performance of technology stocks this year isn’t a flash in the pan, but instead the start of a longer-term trend. “Part of the reason for the downfall of the tech sector was that from 1999 to 2000, stocks were valued so high that investors had priced in perfection, which is something that rarely occurs,” Oberweis tells AOL’s Daily Finance. “Over that period, we saw tech… Read More