Bolton Likes Value Stocks, Techs, Financials

Earlier this month we highlighted U.K. mutual fund guru Anthony Bolton’s call about a multi-year bull market being in the works, with developing nations leading the way. Today, speaking at a conference in Korea, Bolton expanded a bit on those comments, saying that he doesn’t think we’ll see a double-dip global recession.

“We are in a very strong recovery phase,” Bolton said, according to the Korea Times. “Next year, it will lose steam, but it is not going to be in double dip,”

Bolton also reiterated his bullishness on emerging market stocks, particularly Chinese stocks. He also said the best choice for investors now would be buying value stocks, and he’s also high on consumer cyclical, technology, and financial stocks, the Times reported. He’s cautious on commodities, however, saying that China and India alone won’t be able to drive up commodity prices, according to the Times.

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