Gabelli: "Extraordinarily Exciting Year" for Stock-Pickers

Top value investor Mario Gabelli says he is finding “great ideas” in the stock market right now. “This is going to be an extraordinarily exciting year to find stocks and we are enthusiastic all the time because when we look … we continue to find great ideas,” Gabelli tells FOX Business Network. “Financial engineering is alive and well — Heinz, Dell, these are things that stimulate the appetites.” Gabelli says that while Europe’s troubles are a concern, other bullish factors are superceding them. “The recovery in Europe is fragile. There clearly will be some potholes for the market. Within the framework there are three things that are trumping that short term: [Federal Reserve Chairman Ben] Bernanke, [European Central Bank President Mario] Draghi and Kuroda, the head of the bank of Japan. They’re just pumping money into the system which makes this an exciting time to pick stocks.”

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