How To Play The Not-So-Great Rotation"

While many investors have been waiting for a “Great Rotation” from bonds to stocks to occur, 2014 has instead brought the “Not-So-Great-Rotation”‘, Validea CEO John Reese writes in his latest for Canada’s Globe and Mail.

If you’re going to try to play this shift out of higher-growth, high-momentum areas like technology and biotech and into bigger, safer, dividend-paying stocks , you need to be careful, Reese says. Investors looking in the new hot sectors should be sure to invest in stocks that aren’t just hot, but which also have good fundamentals.

“Recently I used my Guru Strategies models — which pick stocks based on the approaches of Warren Buffett and other highly successful investors — to search the new high-momentum sectors for stocks that remain attractively valued and financially sound,” writes Reese. He looks at four of these stocks, including Kellogg, a favorite of his Buffett-based approach.