Jeremy Siegel is Bullish on Stocks

Wharton finance professor Jeremy Siegel remains bullish notwithstanding others’ concerns regarding “the market’s potential reliance on Trump’s tax- and regulation-cutting agenda,” according to a recent CNBC interview.

“What has driven the market further up has been the great earnings season that we had in the first quarter,” says Siegel, adding, “It was the best guidance, forward guidance, that I had heard in many, many years.” This, along with global growth, greater stability in China, a lower dollar and a dovish Fed, Siegel is optimistic even in the face of a stalled Trump agenda.

That said, he also feels confident that corporate tax cuts and reform, as well as personal income tax changes, will come down the road. Further, Siegel asserts that even without a Trump stimulus, economic growth will continue and stocks will remain “on a roll going forward.”

“We should all be listening very carefully to this second quarter earnings…and hope that, you know, the guidance is as strong as we got in that first quarter,” Siegel told CNBC.