Looking at Berkshire's Holdings by ROE, ROA & ROI

We know that following Warren Buffett’s investments, even after they are publicly disclosed, can produce stellar long-term returns for investors. Knowing this, we decided to take 30 of Berkshire’s Q3 holdings and look more closely at each company’s returns on equity, assets and investment (Validea’s Buffett-based model uses ROE in its formula).

By looking at ROE, ROA and ROI, we are able to see what firms in Berkshire’s portfolio are generating the highest return to shareholders and which ones are most profitable given their asset base. The list could be a good place to start if you want to dive further into Buffett’s portfolio for investment ideas.

The chart below shows Berkshire’s top holdings and each firm’s respective ROE, ROA, ROI and YTD stock performance. Click the image to bring up a PDF of the list.

Berkshire Hathaway's Q3 Holdings by ROA, ROE, ROI and YTD Performance