Netflix's 23,000% Gain Isn't the Century's Top Performance

A $100 investment in Netflix at the beginning of the century would have landed you $23,000 today, but a recent article in MarketWatch reports that it’s the second-best performer.

“Cost-estimating website took a look at some of the hottest stocks of the 21st century and found that, while the streaming giant has, indeed, enriched its shareholders, Monster Beverage dominates the competition in terms of returns over the past two decades.”

As of October 22nd, the article reports, a $100 investment in energy drink-maker Monster would be worth $62,444:

The article notes that Monster’s “rally in the face of an increasingly crowded energy drink market has been propelled for years by a steady diet of earnings and revenue growth. Shares hit a bump in the road earlier this year but have since recovered and are up more than 15% since the start of 2019.”