The New Decade’s Best Performing Stocks Will Be Different Than the Last

An article in CNBC highlighted the best- and worst-performing stock sectors over the past ten years and shared insights regarding what to expect in the decade ahead.

Over the past decade, the article says, investors, have been driven toward growth stocks, particularly in the technology and consumer discretionary sectors:

But going forward, the article suggests that “investors should avoid the fallacy that the future will look exactly like the past,” adding, “It’s often been noted that stocks—and even sectors—that outperform one year often underperform the following year. It’s called mean reversion, the tendency for most investments to revert to long-term averages.”

The bottom line, the article concludes, is that “investors should be taking a close look at the three laggards this decade: materials, communication services, and particularly energy, which is the only sector that is essentially unchanged over a 10-year period.”