Stock Picks for All Ages

Reeling in the millennial set is a challenge faced by many U.S. businesses, and the world of investing doesn’t seem to be appealing to this group of tech-focused, well-educated consumers. In this week’s Nasdaq, Validea CEO John Reese explains how Barron’s has created a list of 50 stocks they feel millennials care most about to encourage this segment to seek out financial knowledge.

We evaluated the list and identified the following picks:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings ( BWLD ) is an owner, operator and franchiser of restaurants with persistent earnings-per-share growth, positive free cash flow and a debt level that can be paid off within two years.
  • Gamestop ( GME ) is a video game retailer that sells hardware, physical and digital software, video game accessories, and mobile electronics products and other merchandise. The company is favored for its earnings yield and return-on-capital as well as its ratio of price-earnings to growth in earnings-per-share, an indication of value.
  • Apple ( AAPL ), the tech giant, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices among myriad other products and services. The company enjoys a high degree of earnings predictability and favorable long-term growth in earnings-per-share.

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